A man is being finger printed for either a crime of for FBI screening on a legal document form.

Oklahoma Expungement Attorney

Everyone makes mistakes.  However, a criminal record carries a stigma which can become a barrier to advancement in almost every aspect of life- employment opportunities, employment advancement, college and graduate school admission, etc.  An expungement is the process whereby one’s arrest and/or criminal record is sealed from public inspection.  Once an order is granted expunging an arrest and/or criminal record, employers, educational institutions, state and local government agencies and officials are prohibited from requiring an applicant to disclose any information contained in sealed records.  This allows the individual an excellent opportunity to close a chapter on a past mistake, to move forward in life, and pursue his/her dreams.  However, the laws dealing with expungements can be very confusing.

Oklahoma Expungement Statutes

There are four (4) expungement statutes provided by Oklahoma law:

  1. Title 22, § 18: A general provision which applies to the expungement of court and law enforcement records if the person falls within a specific category,
  2. Title 22, § 991(c): Applies to the expungement of court records after the successful completion of the conditions of a deferred sentence,
  3. Title 22, § 60.18: An expungement provision provided by the Protection from Domestic Abuse Act which authorizes the expungement of victim protective orders (VPOs) if the individual falls within one of four categories,
  4. Title 10A, § 2-6-109: Allows the expungement of juvenile records of persons subject to an open juvenile court record.

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