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Oklahoma Assault & Battery Attorney

Anger is a powerful emotion we all experience.  When uncontrolled, anger can become a problem that affects the person and the individual’s family, friends, co-workers, and anybody the person contacts.  But not everyone has an anger problem.  One may physically lash out against another in self-defense, self-defense of another person, or mutual combat.  According to Oklahoma law, assault is any willful and unlawful attempt or offer to do bodily harm to another with force or violence.  Battery is defined as any willful and unlawful use of force or violence upon the person of another.

The criminal charge for assault and battery crimes depends on, but is not limited to:

  • The severity of the injuries inflicted
  • The relationship of the victim and the accused
  • Whether a weapon was used
  • Whether the act was committed in the presence of a child
  • Whether the victim was aged, decrepit, or incapacitated

Oklahoma Assault & Battery Crimes

There are seven (7) classifications of assault and battery crimes:

  • Assault
  • Assault & Battery
  • Assault & Battery- Domestic Abuse
  • Assault, Battery, or Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon
  • Aggravated Assault and Battery
  • Assault with Intent to Kill
  • Assault with Intent to Commit Felony

Penalties for Assault & Battery Crimes

Penalties for assault and battery crimes are stern and depend on different factors such as the nature of the criminal charge, injuries to the victim, whether the offense constitutes domestic abuse, the defendant’s criminal record, etc.  Any person convicted of an assault and battery crime may be sentenced to prison time, probation, and/or fines.  Furthermore, if the defendant receives probation for assault & battery- domestic abuse, the court must order the defendant to undergo counseling or a domestic abuse treatment program. The court may also supplement treatment with counseling such as individual, marital, couples or family counseling, and/or require that the defendant complete anger management courses.

We all lose our temper for a number of reasons.  If you have been charged with an assault and battery offense, there are defenses available depending on the facts and circumstances of your case.  Contact the Law Office of Elliott C. Crawford immediately to schedule your consultation.